Monday, November 19, 2018

Return to Sender by Roberta Blablanski


College professor and website designer Drew Hampton has had only one great love in his life. A loner as a teen, he found solace in art, his self-styled mullet, and the television show ALF. Then a new boy moved in next door, and he discovered love.

Mechanic Wes Harrison was thrown into adult responsibility at a young age. He’s managed to build a good life through hard work and determination; however, he hasn’t been in a relationship since high school.

Drew and Wes were deeply in love thirty years ago, but then they were torn apart. Unlucky at relationships after their separation, both men treasured memories of their one true love.

Fate intervenes and gives them a second chance. Will they rekindle their once great love and find happiness, or has too much time gone by?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Return To Sender, by Roberta Blablanski started pulling at my heartstrings immediately. 

It's a beautiful second chance romance, as two middle aged men reunite after thirty years apart. The tone is immediately set as something soothing and heartfelt.

As a short story, it's remarkably thorough, managing to tell a great story quickly, without all the gaps that sometimes happen in short stories. 

I definitely recommend Return to Sender!

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