Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Something Blue (Baxter Springs #4) by Avery Ford

Something Blue: A Baxter Springs & Silver Lake Crossover


Danny Evans doesn’t need a boyfriend. He doesn’t have time for love, and even if he did, his prospects in Silver Lake, Ohio, are… limited. As groomsman in his best friend’s upcoming out-of-town wedding, Danny is at least looking forward to the thought of having a little fun, except the “city” is in the middle of nowhere. At the prospect of being single person in a group full of couples, Danny has resigned himself to the fact that he’s just meant to be single. He certainly isn’t going to find Mr. Right on this trip.

Finding a boyfriend and settling down isn’t even on Micah Daniels’ radar. After getting kicked out of his parents’ house, he’s just thankful he’s found a job and a place to live. Opportunities are few and far between in Baxter Springs, Kansas, and Micah has somehow managed to make a stable life for himself against all the odds. The last thing he’s going to do is rock the boat. Losing this job would mean he’s out on the streets - again.

When Danny sees Micah for the first time, he can instantly tell there’s something special about the strong, quiet farm hand. But with Danny only in town for a week and Micah’s need for discretion, there’s no hope for their instant attraction to turn into something more.

But wedding fever is a funny thing, and love always seems to find a way. When the week is over, will Danny and Micah take a real chance on each other and…love?

This is a Baxter Springs and Silver Lake Crossover! Enjoy.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Avery Ford's Something Blue is fantastic! Not only is it book four in the Baxter Springs series, but it's also a Baxter Springs and Silver Lake crossover! 

Danny's off to Baxter Springs for his friend's wedding. When he meets Micah, they both are instantly interested in one another. As Danny's only in town for one week, they need to decide soon if they're going to act on their crushes.

Both men feel that there could be something special between them if they lived close. Thus their story contains a lot of hesitancy, a lot of sadness, and a whole lot of wonderful moments. At the heart of their romance is a beautiful friendship that develops.

As I expect from a Baxter Springs story, this one contains all the small town charm and characters we love. But, I am honestly giddy at how fantastic it is that we get Silver Lake characters too!

I can't recommend Something Blue enough. I adore Avery Ford and this one is everything I have come to adore about Avery's books.

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