Thursday, November 15, 2018

Friends with Benefits (Wylder Creek #1) by Ashleigh Lyons


My best friend in the whole wide world has a hard-on—
And I’m sitting right in his lap.
Andrew Winter is an unlucky-in-love Omega, who just can’t seem to find the right guy. What makes it even worse is his 24/7 work schedule as the manager of Wylder Creek Cabins, his family’s business in town. How's Andrew supposed to find the perfect guy, when he can barely get a minute to himself?

Oliver Moore is an Alpha, who’s been Andrew’s BFF ever since they were both kids. During Wylder Creek’s busy season, he rents out the same cabin as Andrew, wanting to help Andrew with his workload the best that he can.

One night, after a particularly disastrous date, Andrew comes back to their shared cabin, tired of being depressed and alone.

He ends up asking Oliver one, fateful question:

Will you sleep with me tonight?

And Oliver actually says yes.

But can Andrew and Oliver’s friendship survive the one-time hookup? And what if it happens more than one time?

And what if, it turns out, that they’ve been more than friends, all along?

This book is 35K and contains: A HEA, M/PREG, Sexual Situations, Violence and Adult Language

P.S. Each book in the Wylder Creek series can be read as a standalone, too!

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Friends With Benefits is a fun, quick romance by Ashleigh Lyons. 

Addi and Ollie are a lot to each other, being best friends, and now roommates. After they agree to hook up, they are left unsure of how to proceed. 

Ollie's had a crush on Addi and doesn't want to admit his feelings. His insecurity is killing him.

Their story is hot and steamy, with some rimming and spanking. In addition, it's well written that there's always something special about being with a great friend, as they already have a strong connection and a level of trust. 

But, as they enter a friends with benefits arrangement, they enter with different expectations. 

Friends With Benefits is a fun romance with light angst. I'm excited for Ashleigh Lyon's next book in this series.

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