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SALE $.99 - Change For You by Crystal Lacy

ONLY 99C/99P

Length: 87,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Jay Aheer @ Simply Defined Art

Oahu Lovers Series

Book #1 - Brave For You - Amazon US | Amazon UK


Silver fox Stephen Webb doesn’t mean to start a
workplace fling with the cute new intern.

Stephen Webb has a pivotal tax season ahead of him
and he doesn't have time for distractions. At least that's what he thinks—until Minoru "Max" Kamigawa
walks into his life and disrupts all his plans.

Max secretly wants to follow his love of music, but family

obligations keep him rooted in Hawaii. Tax supervisor Stephen Webb makes his spring internship a little
sweeter, but the man's priorities don't seem to include Max. Is it only a fling or something worth staying
for when his dreams come calling?

Stephen and Max must decide whether to stick to their
goals or risk everything and change their course for love.

A May-December MM romance with a HEA and no
cliffhangers set in Honolulu, Hawaii.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Change For You is a lovely May to December office romance by Crystal Lacy.

This romance revolves around Stephen, a grumpy, workaholic accountant and one of his new interns, Max. Both men take an instant liking to each other and keep checking one another out. But, Stephen knows he can't get involved with an intern. As well, he is 20 years Max's senior. 

I enjoyed both men's stories and what made them who they are. Stephen is a complicated guy, and his past is slowly revealed over time. Max's situation is certainly complicated, as he is learning accounting for the money, since his family needs it. But his dreams center around his music.

Essentially, both men have to decide if it's worth changing for love. When you have someone who completes you and who you don't want to lose, you start to re-evaluate your circumstances and your dreams. The author tackles this in a thoughtful and beautiful manner. 

If you don't like reading about indulging in alcohol, stay away. Neither are alcoholics, but they certainly use alcohol as a way for being honest with one another and taking chances. 

This book contains some great laughs (Max's grandmother!), some tender and sweet moments, and some extremely steamy moments (the spilt coffee scene. Hot damn!) It's well developed, has some great surprises (Stephen's ex) and some great board game scenes. I adore Stephen and Max together. Crystal Lacy perfectly captures the differences in their ages, while also perfectly closing that gap and bringing them to equal footing. Well done!

Change For You is definitely worth a read. I can't wait to see what Crystal Lacy comes up with next for this series!

Author Profile

Crystal Lacy lives with her loving family in Hawaii, where it is always either drizzling or sunny and never snows—which is a shame, because she prefers being cold to being damp and hot unless it’s for Very Good Reasons. She writes
queer romance, mainly M/M, but also some F/F. She has aspirations to one day write a YA novel about cats.

Crystal is a long-time fangirl and writes slash fanfiction for the Harry Potter and NBC Hannibal fandoms. She has a deep love for fandom culture, and can be frequently spotted on Twitter and Tumblr reblogging pretty fan art.

Join Crystal's readers group on FB for sneak peeks, bonus content, and ARC opportunities or subscribe her newsletter for monthly book giveaways, recs, news, and more! You can also follow Crystal on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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