Sunday, November 11, 2018

Beat of Their Own Drum (Replay, 3) by K.M. Neuhold


Every rock band needs their bad boy, right? That's me. Hookers, drugs, DUIs— been there, done that. I'm in a Downward Spiral and proud of it (see what I did there?). When the band manager, Archer, hires Bennett to keep me from screwing up while the band is on hiatus, I may have finally met someone who won't take my attitude lying down. With the three of us cooped up together for weeks on end, I have a feeling things might get interesting.

Downward Spiral is my baby. Not only am I the band manager, I discovered them ten years ago when they were nothing but a bunch of high school kids playing in a hole in the wall bar on the weekends. But it’s obvious I haven’t done a great job because they’re falling apart. If the lead singer isn’t trying to kill himself, it’s the bass player telling me he can’t write any new songs. And no one gets under my skin more than Jude, who seems determined to snort and drink himself into an early grave. There's only one man I can think of who might be able to get Jude back on the right track, Bennett Schmitt. Unfortunately, he's also the man I let get away sixteen years ago and haven't gotten over since.

If there's one thing I know how to do, it's taking control of a situation. In fact, control is kind of my thing. Which is probably why I'm the best in the business when it comes to getting out of control celebrities back on track. When my ex calls and tells me he's desperate for my help, I can't turn him down. Between the infuriatingly sexy drummer with no idea what kind of trouble he's asking for, and my ex looking better than ever, there's no way this isn't about to get messy.

* This is an MMM romance with D/s play and mild daddy kink (NO age play), check inside for more details on what to expect

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Beat Of Their Own Drum is the 3rd book in the Replay series by KM Neuhold. As with the prior books, it is superb!

This time we get to follow along as Asher, Downward Spiral's manager finds love. As Jude is losing himself to drugs and hookers, Asher hires his ex-lover, Bennett to handle Jude. First, I have to say, that Asher and Bennett's story is fascinating. The two men always worked so well together, except for in the bedroom. They both desperately loved one another, but couldn't give the other what they needed in bed. 

Now, 16 years later, they are reunited, and the magic is still there. But, as before, neither of them is able to submissive. As they start to work with Jude, they discover the amazing way in which both men are good for Jude. Asher can be there to coddle Jude, while Bennett can be there to discipline him. Over time they all come to see how well Jude fits with the two men, both in bed and intellectually. And, it's enchanting the way that Jude ends up being everything they never knew they needed. 

The first time Jude says "Daddy" is a remarkable scene, as it's so beautifully tender, and it's probably my favorite moment.

Overall, this is a phenomenal menage romance involving three men who work perfectly together, gifting the others with what they really need and want. When together, they are all gifted with hope and happiness. 

The change in the men is wonderfully developed. We watch as the men have to face their past rejections, confusion, and their insecurities. As they grow as people, they are full of love, affection, comfort, care and provide stability to one another. 

Beat Of Their Own Drum is an impressive story. I love reading about men who've lost their way, as they are able to turn their lives around through the power of love. It's beautiful, captivating and powerful. I can't suggest this KM Neuhold series enough!

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