Thursday, November 1, 2018

Letting Go (The Knights Club #2) by C.J. Baty


Calypso knew he looked good. He loved bright colors, makeup, and most of all, high heels. The higher the better. The sassy mouth and self-assured man he presented to the outside world wasn’t how he felt on the inside. At the Knights Club he hide the self-doubt and depression. Until, Benedict Hart walked in bringing all his old demons back to life.

Benedict Hart was a high-priced gigolo. It’s not what he started out in life to do but it paid the bills. Meeting Calypso at the Knights Club turned his world upside down. The man was sexy, smart mouthed and completely sure of himself. He made Benedict want things he hadn’t thought about in years. Losing a dear friend spurs him into action, but will his past get in their way?

The Knights Club hosts a group of characters diverse in every way, but they are family. Xavier Knight watches over them as if they were his children. And, like most families, things don’t always run smoothly.

My Rating - 4  Stars!

Letting Go is the second book in CJ Baty's The Knights Club series. It's fun, riveting and sexy.

Calypso was thrown out of his home by his homophobic father who hated that Calypso is gay and feminine. He's now a sassy and confident man, in public, that is. Inside he's still suffering and is lost.

When Calypso sees Benedict, he is tripped up from his striking appearance. It just so happens that Benedict finds Calypso to be exotic and hot.

Personally, I love and adore Calypso's sass and femme side. He's loveable, funny and charming. Who the hell owns that many pairs of heels? You just have to love that part of him. As for the real personality of Calypso, it's sad and emotional to read about his problems. 

In this tale, we are reminded to not waste time, never assume you have tomorrow, so take action today. We follow along as the men face confidence issues, confusion, and more, as they work their way towards a wonderful kind of love.

And since we're at the Knights Club, we get more of our favorite guys, Xavier and Seb!

Letting Go is on par with the other books I've read by CJ Baty. It's entertaining, gripping and very enjoyable. I am so glad that I discovered CJ's books and look forward to reading more in the future. 

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