Sunday, June 10, 2018

Omega's Triumph by Colbie Dunbar


Against their will, Liam, Jake and their daughter, Maisy have been sent to The Old Country—Jake’s birthplace—by Thorn, the omega’s vindictive former boss.And there’s only one word to describe their new home: gray. Everything blends together as though the color has run in the wash.

Liam is desperate to save his family but he and the baby are confined to their room, and he watches life pass by from a third-floor window.

Jake works each night and rarely sees Liam and Maisy. But as Thorn’s requests become more outlandish, the omega tries to appease him and prevent the alpha finding out the truth.

And there’s Nora, the beta who cleans the club and pops up in unexpected places. Is she Thorn’s spy? Or Jake and Liam’s ally?

The ever-present cigar smoke, gold rings and amber fragrance provide a backdrop for their lives as the alpha and omega struggle to save their relationship while they battle greed, humiliation, guilt and exhaustion.

But when hope finally arrives, it’s ushered in with a rose.

This is a 23,000-word, non-shifter, mpreg novella with an HEA. It’s the final book in the Roselake series.

My Rating - 4 stars

Omega's Triumph is a good ending to the Roselake series by Colbie Dunbar.

After Jake's old boss, Thorn, finds them, he holds Liam, Jake and Maisy captive. Liam is stuck inside with Maisy, while Jake is forced to work for Thorn. Jake spends his night at Thorn's club, entertaining creeps who love to paw at omegas.  Liam and Jake are both miserable.

Liam hates that Jake is basically leading two different lives. One is with his family, and the other is doing whatever Thorn is making him do. Jake meanwhile, feels like he's being torn in two. He is afraid to annoy Thorn, fearing that Thorn would take Maisy from them, or force Liam to work at the club.

Their every single movement is being watched. They are completely under Thorn's control. Yet, they long to return to their home and Liam keeps trying to plan an escape route.

Colbie Dunbar does a good job with Omega's Triumph.  It is a fast paced story, packed with some hot moments, a lot of angst, and a HEA.

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