Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Buying You by Wendy Rathbone


It’s one thing to be a beautiful cover model on billboards, buses and magazine covers. It’s quite another to be sold as one.

Prized for his looks, Dane knows it’s shallow, but he is on his way to having it all. It feels good to be gorgeous, smart and have top designers from around the world requesting him.

When he returns to his hometown to participate in a small Date-For-Charity auction, it seems harmless enough—until a hooded man walks in and bids higher on him than anyone else. Dane is intrigued but nervous when he finds out the guy has vanished after the winning bid, leaving only a limo behind to whisk Dane off into the night.

Enemies to lovers, opposites attract, and hot steamy nights that challenge two guys’ trust issues along with their biggest fears.

My Rating- 4 stars

Buying You is a unique enemies to lovers romance.

Dane is a successful model who returns home for a charity auction. An auction where a date with him will be bid upon. When Kyle wins, Dane is confused. He recognizes Kyle but can't remember him until later during their date.

Back in high school, Dane wasn't bully, but he was one that looked the other way and allowed the bullying to continue. As Dane starts to remember it all, he starts to feel bad for the young Kyle, the one who suffered.  Dane was just a confused kid at the time. It's a good reminder that sometimes one's behavior towards you has nothing to do with you. 

Can mutual attraction let them overcome their issues?

One of central themes is interesting and thought-provoking. Does being a villain in someone's story make one a bad guy? Should a villain be allowed to explain, apologize, or show that he is not that guy anymore? 

Another central theme in this story is "seeing" a person. Everyday, we manage to not really see the people that are around us. We just don't notice them or think about them at all. Kyle was not seen during high school. He desires being seen and important. But, most importantly, he just wants Dane to see him.

I enjoyed Buying You. Wendy Rathbone creates a very unique premise in this novel. It is entertaining, memorable and emotional.  

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