Thursday, June 21, 2018

Off Broadway by Sarah Kay Moll


Onstage, Angel Rivera is invincible, a rising star in the New York City theater scene. Off-stage, he's struggling to keep it all together. When a wealthy businessman begins courting him, he's reluctant to trust his growing feelings. He's been hurt before. But something about Riley Locke keeps pushing past his defenses.

A kleptomaniac turned investment banker, Locke is content with his quiet life, watching Mafia movies, running on the beach, and stealing from hedge funds to give to charity. Angel might not recognize him, but Locke hasn’t forgotten that autumn day thirteen years ago when Angel stole his heart. He’s been looking for Angel ever since.

Just as the two reconnect, a specter from Angel’s dark past returns to drive them apart. Will love be enough to hold them together?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I am thrilled to have discovered Off Broadway by Sarah Kay Moll. It is her debut novella and it is an extraordinary and emotional story.

There is so much depth to this novella. A chance meeting as kids leads to so much more later on. Angel is broken and living with scars from his years of being abused. Locke meanwhile, is elated to have a chance with Angel. 

Unfortunately for them, Angel's former abuser will interrupt their relationship and potentially ruin them.  

This love story is so well written. There is an overwhelming sense of tenderness in their relationship. Together, they can help each other to find love and acceptance, as well as a fulfilled life. Angel and Locke are truly two beautiful souls that belong together. 

I am still in shock of what a wonderful book Off Broadway is. Sarah Kay Moll's writing manages to take a good plot and create something extraordinary out of it. If all of her writing is this strong, I look forward to devouring everything else she writes.  

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  1. Thank you so much for reviewing!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book! <3


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