Monday, June 11, 2018

Everything He Wants by Sarah Hadley Brook



Sequel to A Love to Remember

Graham’s best friend Marc Byrne has been in a self-imposed dry spell for the past six months, reevaluating his life. Tired of the bar scene, he wants something true and lasting like Graham found with Sam. He wants to find Mr. Right.

When Marc meets the gorgeous, motorcycle riding, tattooed man of his dreams at a lake party, he falls hard and fast. Reminding himself that was how he was hurt before, he puts the man out his mind. Easier said than done.

Aiden Wright is blown away by Marc and wants to get to know him better, but he keeps running and Aiden can’t figure out why. The attraction between them is intense and Aiden is sure he can give Marc what he wants, if he’ll just take a chance.

My Rating - 5 stars!

Everything He Wants is the second book in the Men of Wesley Lake series by Sarah Hadley Brook.

Marc had been floating from guy to guy until he sees his best friend fall in love. After that, he decided to look for Mr Right.  Then he meets Aidan Wright and the heat between them is instant!

Everything between them happens so fast. The day the meet, they spend all of their time together, just feeling this instant connection. Then they discover that they are perfect together in bed. Marc loves being submissive, and Aidan is more than willing to be his daddy in the bedroom. 

I seriously love these two guys. Marc is small in stature and has always been insecure about his size. And he finds his definition of perfection in Aidan, who is big and muscular. He feels safe with Aidan, and thrilled to be able to explore his daddy kink with him. 

One of the sweetest parts of the book is Aidan talking about Marc, saying '"It was like this beautiful, tender-hearted, smart, funny, amazing man had dropped from the sky."" 

Everything He Wants is the first book I have read by Sarah Hadley Brook. I am charmed by this sweet, easy story.  It is a fun, low-angst romance. I will be definitely be reading more from Sarah, including the first book in this series - A Love to Remember.

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