Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lean on Me by Sierra Riley


“It was always going to be you.”
“How can I be this lonely when I know so many people?”
Levi Meadows feels adrift in the modern world, where friendships are shallow and connections are fleeting. He has five hundred Facebook friends but feels utterly alone. Finally, he gets some good luck: his old best friend is moving back into town, and Levi takes him up on an offer to go hiking and get away from it all. He's looking forward to the trip, as long as the crush he had on Marcus back in the day stays buried.
“Let's get away from it all. Together.”
Recently dumped by his long-term girlfriend, Marcus Townsend is struggling to readjust to single life. He needs to get out into nature, to lick his wounds and recover. A two-day hike with his old college friend Levi is just what he needs. But when a horrible accident befalls them on the trail, Marcus finds himself depending on Levi for more than just friendship.
“You're going to be okay. I've got you. Just stay with me.”
Levi will do anything to get Marcus home safe. And Marcus had no idea just how much Levi cared. But once they get home, how are they ever going to deal with the feelings that surfaced on the trail? Was it a moment of weakness or a glimpse of something deeper?
Lean on Me is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

My Rating: 4 Stars

I am a big fan Friends to Lovers romances. Thus, I was excited to read Lean on Me.

Levi and Marcus were roommates back in college. Since then they have lost touch. But, when Marcus is dumped by his girlfriend, he asks Levi to join him for some camping. Unfortunately, things go wrong during the trip and Marcus is injured. During the resulting ordeal, Marcus discovers his feelings for Levi have changed. 

Marcus has never considered kissing another man before, but there's just something about Levi now. Marcus knows everything with Levi is different because of their friendship.

Once they get out of the woods, things are still tough. Neither knows when they will even have time to talk about their kiss or to kiss again. Meanwhile, Marcus has to focus on getting well.

I enjoy the way in which their romance evolves.  It just feels so natural. And as good friends, their shared history just makes everything seem so right.

One of my favorite scenes is when Marcus starts to realize how easy it is to talk to Levi. He just never realized that he never had that with his girlfriend. He admits that with his girlfriend, he had to try to impress her. It has always been much easier for him to be vulnerable with Lexi and talk to him about anything.

Lean on Me is a sweet romance. It is one that keeps you interested the whole time. 

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