Friday, June 22, 2018

We Have a Voice by Steph Marie


High school sophomore, Dante Leonard, is a star athlete, and loved by the school. From the outside, he looks like he has the perfect life, but his dad is overbearing and relentless in his desire to see Dante succeed in football.

High school freshman, Jasmine Lotts, is friends with the "cool kids". Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel like her life is her own, and she’s overwhelmed by her mom’s constant presence.

Guidance Counselor, Mrs. Shaw, formed a special club forty years ago. Each year, she handpicks twelve students to participate, but no one knows what they talk about, and former students never tell.

Dante and Jasmine are two of the chosen this year. When Mrs. Shaw partners them up, their lives begin to alter in ways that they couldn’t have imagined. While Jasmine is confronted with discrimination, Dante begins to question his future. As friendships begin to build within Club Shaw, and trust is established, will it be enough to help these two find their voice?
Can Mrs. Shaw help them to believe in magic?

This is book one in the Mrs. Shaw's Club series. Here we meet all twelve students for this school year, begin to see glimpses into their lives, and hear their stories.

My Rating - 4 stars!

We Have A Voice is a refreshing start of what appears to be a wonderful series.

Everything starts with Mrs. Shaw, the school guidance counselor. She is a uniquely observant, caring and understanding woman. Every school needs a Mrs. Shaw. Each school year she hand picks students to join her "club."  And this club is her way of helping these kids that she knows she can help and that can help each other.

This installment revolves around Dante and Jasmine, who are dealing with discrimination and parental pressure. And, in this story, Mrs. Shaw helps the students to realize that their voice is not being heard.  It is absolutely wonderful.

I  highly recommend We Have a Voice to anyone looking to be a unique, refreshing coming of age story.

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