Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Discovery by Quinn Ward

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Sex is a lot like pizza. It's good, but you won't die without it...

Matteo's always known he was different. Seeing his older brothers falling in love shines a spotlight on his own lack of desire. Modeling age play gear was a way to prove he could make his own decisions, nothing more.

Levi didn’t realize what a challenge it'd be directing the photo shoot for a new website. When he sees Matteo struggling, he instinctively falls into the role he’d given up years earlier: Daddy.

When Matteo discovers a side of himself he never expected, will Levi be able to show him that not all love begins with sexual attraction?

Discovery is the third book in the Kinky in the City series, but can be read as a standalone novel.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow! I love Discovery by Quinn Ward. As the 3rd book in the Kinky In The City series, it is as fantastic as the others.

I love that we continue to see the couples from the first 2 books. You don't need to have read those to appreciate this book, but it will make this one more precious.

When Matteo is hired to model for some age play furniture, Levi is the photographer who easily steps into a Daddy role to help Matteo feel more comfortable. Neither has any idea what this opportunity will lead to.

One of the wonderful things in this story is that Matteo is demisexual. We don't get to read enough books featuring a character like this. Quinn Ward captures Matteo's sexuality with grace and tenderness.  

Of course, I love the Daddy/Age play. I find this to be so sweet in the way it is written. Both men benefit a lot from having this type of relationship and it really helps them to grow as individuals, as well as a couple. 

Discovery is a fantastic, compelling read by Quinn Ward. Put aside some time to read this book as you won't want to put it down.

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