Friday, June 22, 2018

When The Night Comes by Teegan Loy

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Five years ago on the day of his high school graduation, Tyler Rask walked away from his home, dragging with him a shattered heart. Lack of communication destroyed his first relationship, and he's held onto the pain, believing his ex-boyfriend, Skye Olsen, chose a life with a woman over him.
His mother's failing health forces him to revisit his past, and Tyler heads home to say goodbye and maybe find a way to make peace with his choices.
The advice Tyler's mom offers is simple; live the life you want. Settling for something else isn't really living. When he's presented with a chance to reconcile his past, Tyler needs to decide if he's ready to forgive and move forward to a better life. 

My Rating: 5 stars!

When The Night Comes by Teegan Loy is a wonderful book!  

Tyler is a wonderful character. I absolutely adore and love him. He spent some of his senior year of high school dating Skye. Of course, Skye didn't consider it dating. When Tyler confesses his true feelings, Skye ends things.  Skye tells him that it is just hooking up, nothing more.

Tyler is devastated and leaves town.  Five years later, he returns when his mom is dying. Being back in his town, where all his painful memories took place, he struggles. He feels guilt for staying away from his family for so long. He feels anger towards Skye.

I absolutely love When The Night Comes. It gripped me right away and I found myself sad when it ended. 

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