Sunday, June 24, 2018

No Limits (No Shame Series Book 2) by Nora Phoenix



Josh is convinced he’ll never find someone who’ll love him the way he is. He’s not exactly a catch with his PTSD and the submissive tendency he recently discovered and is dying to explore. His complicated relationship with Noah and Indy doesn’t make it easy, either. When Connor shows interest in him, he can’t believe the sexy cop would look at him twice, let alone make an effort to get to know him. When he does, Josh discovers they have more in common than he’d ever thought possible.

Connor had survived the ordeal that left his best friend and fellow Marine dead, but that survival came at a price. He’s a robot, going through the motions, but barely alive. Until fate intervenes and he meets Josh. The vulnerable man triggers all kinds of protective and dominant urges in Connor, but what would a cute guy like Josh want with an inexperienced, closed-off, bossy steamroller like him?

When Connor discovers his past endangers Indy, all hope for a future between him and Josh seems lost. After all, there’s no way Josh will ever choose Connor over Indy’s safety and Noah’s lifelong friendship. When a crisis hits, can Connor prove he’s strong enough to deal with everything that’s thrown his way?

No Limits is a steamy gay MM romance with a polyamorous relationship (no cheating) and mild BDSM elements that ends on a cliffhanger. It’s the second book in the No Shame Series and continues the story from the previous book, so it's not a stand alone novel. Please note the trigger warnings in the front of the book.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I am pleasantly surprised that this book not only continued Indie and Noah's relationship, but also includes the beginning of Connor and Josh's relationship. There are many small stories happening at once and they are all excellently written and developed. 

One of Josh's big hang-ups is that he likes rough sex, as he is greatly ashamed by this. Connor believes he will never find a man because he cock is just too big and intimidating.  They aren't sure if they can work physically, but they are certainly attracted to each other. 

In the end, they will find that they can each help the other. Josh is naturally submissive and Connor knows how to dominate him, which makes for some hot sex scenes. And Josh will help Connor to know what it's like to feel loved.

Indie and Noah each have their own issues going on. Indie is still scared that his ex abuser will find out and hurt these men he has come to love. And Noah is still having a lot of problems with his prostetic leg.

No Limits is a fantastic follow up to Book 1. It is fast paced, is constantly expanding on past issues while moving ahead to new ones, and it will keep you reading until the late hours of the night.

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