Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Defiant by Max Hawthorn


I don’t like it when people don’t do as I say.

His quick wit and sharp tongue have gotten playboy Jayden Deus into and out of plenty of sticky situations. Grieving his disapproving father and suddenly in charge of a huge company, a threat to his life comes out of the blue. Jayden's a fighter, but this is going to be the kind of battle that takes fists, not words.

Lucas Neal used to be a Navy SEAL, but he quit to take care of his sister and her little girl. These days he's in the bodyguard business, and his new client is the guy whose company jacked up the cost of his niece's meds. Frankly he thinks Deus deserves the bullet, but it's Lucas' job to make sure the hit never lands.

Worse, they recognize each other from a bar hookup the night Jayden's life changed forever. Unable to stand the memory, but unable to put it aside, they struggle to keep it professional as they're forced to work side by side. Like it or not, Lucas' mission is to protect this mouthy nerd. The best way to do that is to figure out who wants him dead - and try not to lose his heart along the way.

Defiant is a standalone, steamy, kinky romance about two men who have every reason to hate each other as they fight for their HEA. It features a belligerent geek, a rocky working relationship, and all kinds of makeshift restraints.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Defiant by Max Hawthorn is a fun love story packed with some mystery.

Jayden's life is being threatened and Lucas is hired to be his new bodyguard. Of course, it's a little weird that this is the guy from his hook-up a year ago. 

Lucas originally hates Jayden. The unique thing with this story though, is that Lucas actually listens to Jayden and admits to making the wrong assumptions. It is refreshing to have men who actually are willing to listen to each other.

As for their sex, it is hot, it is intense and I love it. Jayden likes letting Lucas be in complete charge in the bedroom. He enjoys being able to let his mind go free for a while. Jayden loves that Lucas knows exactly what he wants. He feels safe with Lucas and can be himself with him instead of being who the rest of the world expects him to be. 

The author does a fantastic job of creating some fun characters, a good romance, and a wonderful plot. The mystery of who is trying to kill Jayden is well done.  The death threats keep coming and both men get closer to one another as they do. 

I really enjoy Defiant and highly recommend it. Another great job by Max Hawthorne!

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