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Rainbow Romances - An LGBT Charity Anthology

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Eight enchanting stories from seven authors showing that love really is just love.
M/M F/F and Bisexual characters.

G R Lyons:
Stripped Bare: Though they both work as strippers for the gay nightclub, Matchmakers, Sev is convinced that Ty is out of his league. But that doesn't stop him from trying to win the little guy's heart.

Broken Defences: After his work ruined one too many relationships, Beni Thaton has given up on dating, until he meets a very determined new student who pushes all the right buttons.

Michael Ferrante:
Online Casanova: Michael didn't believe in online dating. But after going through a few bad relationships he decided what's the worst that can happen? People say you find the one you love when you least expect it. Well, Michael is certainly going to realise that on his journey to love.

Amir Lane:
Far Water: Avery is on her way to Ohio after finally turning 18 and leaving foster care. On the bus, she meets a girl who isn't what she seems.

Carmilla Voiez:
Something To Hold On To. Jenny is a high-school student who’s in love with her best friend, Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy likes boys. After numerous failed relationships, will Lucy be willing to redefine her sexuality, and think of Jenny as more than just a friend? Jenny is afraid to make her dreams come true and risk a broken heart.

Melanie Quinlan:
Bedsitter Christmas: Delivers some fluffy M/M romance, set against the harsh backdrop of bedsitter land in 1980s London.

Sarah Beth James:
Until My Dying Day: Francis struggles with moving from the reservation into a normal white city school when his mother falls ill. Dealing with bullying, death, homophobia and abuse before he meets the boy of his dreams in Xander. Who does everything he can to bring a little joy into Francis's life. Cutting between current day, and their relationship with the past and how they got to be where they are. We follow a painful, yet fulfilling journey of how Francis's life improved.

Marolyn Krasner:
Selia: Selia is not living her best life. She is young and full of lust for the mail clerk, but she is not doing anything about it. The seeds of her lust start sprouting, forcing Selia to take action to improve her life and seek sexual healing to eradicate the pest threatening her personal ecosystem.

Raising money for the amazing charity: National Aid's Trust.

MY Reviews:
My Rating: 4 stars

Stripped Bare is a sweet little romance. Sev and Ty are sweet together. I love how determined Seb is to get to know Ty, as well as to help him.  Both men have had tough lives and finding love helps them, making them stronger. I really enjoyed this story.

In Far Water, Amir and Avery are escaping bad circumstances. They meet on a bus and instantly connect. Avery makes a quick decision to try to look for Amir. What she finds is not what she expects. It is a sweet, sad story.

Until My Dying Day follows Francis' tragic life. Alone in his own family, beat and bullied, then abandoned by his family. Stuck in a bigoted, homophobic place with no hope. Sometimes it just takes one person, one friend to turn your life around. 
I love the quote of ""People wear the scars of living in this world every minute of every single day.'" This is a sad, yet sweet like story of finding a better future.

Bedsitter Christmas is a short, sweet romance, with reflections on a special Christmas for Nicky and Raoul.  

Something To Hold On To features two best friends, in their teens. Jenny is in love with her straight best friends Lucy. It is a sweet romance. Sometimes, at that age, you have to take risks, even if you can't predict the future.

In Broken Defences, Beni is attracted to his new student, Kyle. This is set in a magical world. When Beni tells Kyle that he can't train him anymore, Kyle begs to stay his student. Why? Kyle reciprocates the attraction.  Beni has never been able to find someone willing to put up with his work. Now, he wants to risk dating Kyle, hoping not to get hurt. Kyle might just be the man for him.  This story is very sweet!

In Online Casanova, Michael has recently discovered that he's gay. He ends up finding a friend online. He starts dating, trying to find a partner. He certainly isn't having an easy time doing so. Even finding a guy online isn't easy. But, if he keeps trying, he just might find a partner.

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