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Roped In (Clean Slate Ranch #2) by Am Arthur

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At Clean Slate Ranch, the men are rugged, the trails are rocky and lassos aren’t only used for roping horsesFor Colt Woods, Clean Slate Ranch is home. The dude ranch in Northern California helped him heal from a devastating breakup. So when his ex-Dom, the man who broke his heart, waltzes onto the ranch, Colt doesn’t know how to deal.

A research job at a nearby ghost town brings history PhD Avery Hendrix to Clean Slate. He’s not in town forever, but it doesn’t take long for him to feel the familiar draw to Colt. When they find out they’ll be sharing a cabin on the ranch, it’s all Avery can do to stop himself from bending Colt over a saddle right then and there.

In such close proximity, Colt’s and Avery’s old feelings come galloping back. Soon Colt is doing his master’s bidding again and loving every moment of it. And the pair may be in for the ride of their lives—if the dedicated professor and his rugged cowboy can learn to trust again.

This book is approximately 88,000 words

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My Rating - 5 Stars!

AM Arthur once again creates a winner with Roped In, Book 2 in the Clean Slate Ranch Series.

Roped In is a wonderful 2nd Chance romance, full of some great BDSM scenes, and some serious issues.

At the beginning, Colt is in a rough place, having just confessed his secret to Mack, and wanting to run from the ranch. He also runs into Avery again and is even more unsure of himself.

Through some fantastic flashbacks, we learn about Colt and Avery's history. They had first met just for BDSM scenes, and then fell in love and became more. Their relationship fell apart though, due to Colt's guilt and Avery's frequent absences.  

The BDSM scenes are written perfectly, with so much going into the emotions and needs of the scenes. I absolutely love how well these scenes are done, with Colt gaining so much from submission. Avery is a master at knowing Colt needs and limits and is the perfect Dom for him. This part of their relationship is beautiful.  

Colt and Avery are so good together and their second chance will help them both immensely. Both have family issues, as well as insecurities that the other can help with.

I am thrilled with Roped In and can't wait to dive into the next book in the series when it's released!

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