Monday, July 23, 2018

Pitching For Love by W Mae Swift and Eliza Hunter


Lucas wants to move on from his past - and from his mistakes - in The United States

Miguel never wanted to leave his home country of Venezuela, but circumstances out of his control have forced him into a whole new life. He is now forced to focus on survival for both himself and for his family back home. Thank God for baseball; the only thing to keep him sane in this high stakes life of his.

When Lucas and Miguel find each other in a remote corner of Costa Rica, they can’t imagine having anything in common; Two different cultures, two different countries, and seemingly two different worlds, they somehow find a common ground in one foreign land.

Is love really enough to make a relationship work? Can they overcome their differences to create a new life together or are there just too many obstacles keeping them apart? Can a fling turn into a partnership? Can their future ever overshadow their past?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Pitching For Love is a sweet little romance by W Mae Swift and Eliza Hunter.

When Lucas and Miguel first see each other, they are interested in meeting each other. When they hook up, it still doesn't seem possible for them to be more than a one night thing.

In addition to a good love story, their is a lot of cultural issues mentioned, making for a unique twist on your typical mpreg.They come from different countries, different cultures, and can't seem to figure out a way to stay together even if they want to.

If you like mpreg, and you like cultural stories, be sure to check out Pitching For Love.

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