Monday, July 9, 2018

Like Breathing by Tia Fielding

A love as easy as breathing.
Life started out rocky for Devin Rice, but it’s turned out pretty well. He has adoptive parents and a brother who love him, and he works as a coder for his dad’s video game company. Romance is scarce, but a chance encounter leads to more than he ever expected.
While dropping off an assignment for his sick brother, Dev meets his mentor. Art history professor Seth Kent is brilliant and gorgeous, just what Dev has been looking for. Except that he’s in a long-term committed relationship.
Seth’s partner, Leaf, is older and sees the world differently due to his unusual upbringing. To him, the clear attraction between Seth and Dev isn’t a problem, it’s an unexpected gift. After all, Leaf is often on the road, going wherever rescue dogs need rehabilitation.
When Leaf meets Dev, all the missing pieces fall into place, and three men from different worlds and at different points in life fill each other’s empty spaces. For them, building a future together is the most natural thing in the world. But their unconventional love causes waves in their careers and family dynamics, and each man has his own doubts and fears to overcome.

REVIEW - 5 Stars!
Like Breathing is a fantastic male ménage romance. As this is one of my favorite genres, I had to dive into this one by Tia Fielding right away.
Fielding explores three men with diverse life experiences, who come from vastly different backgrounds and ages. Leaf, the oldest at almost 51, is a dog trainer who travels often, leaving Seth alone for long periods of time. Seth, age 36, is a brilliant, perfectionistic professor who overthinks everything. They are perfectly happy and content, albeit lonely when apart.
Then Seth meets Devin. The youngest at 25, Devin navigates anxiety and OCD issues while beta testing video games for his father’s company.
Devin is interested in Seth from their first meeting. As Seth seems to be reciprocating these feelings, Devin is shocked to discover Seth has a longtime partner, Leaf, who he calls his husband. Even more surprising is the fact that Leaf actually encourages Devin and Seth to date. Soon, however, both men are dating Devin. Of course, they can’t possibly anticipate the bond that will develop among them.
What follows are sensationally steamy moments, but it is their relationship that I truly admire. These three men blend together in an especially tender manner. Realizing that each actually needs the other two to fully complete himself, both in life, as well as in the bedroom. They each bring something special to the relationship, which is what really makes for a great ménage story. It is beautiful and admirable that they can accept how a trio works, avoiding any jealousy.
The author tackles several tough subjects, including the effects of growing up in a cult, sexual abuse, and family tension, as well as the inherent complications of polyamorous relationships.
I highly recommend Like Breathing. It is a beautiful love story, which has a lot of depth, infused with hope and acceptance. I find Tia Fielding a wonderful writer with a superbly engaging style. This book is one I will be re-reading often!

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