Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Safe Word by Alice Shaw

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There's no safe word for love...“6’2”, 200 pounds of muscle. Can you handle the beast? Omegas: call me daddy.”
-Leo’s Grindr Profile

Hayden Williams is looking for a better life. After a tragic accident takes his father away from him, his family starts to spiral out of control. Hayden never felt comfortable in his own skin. He is a closeted bisexual, and most of the people around him can't seem to let that go. He's tried everything to find someone he can relate to, but he's starting to believe that fluid people like himself don't deserve to be loved.

When Hayden sends a few pictures to a mysterious daddy alpha online, he realizes he’s found who he’s been looking for: someone dangerous. Now, he can no longer hold back. He's coming out of the closet, no holds barred.

"Leather, leashes, handcuffs, and chains... Give me them all."

Leo Kennedy used to be the king of the leather scene. Now, he’s a f*cking legend. Love was never his thing, but when Hayden messages him with a set of provocative pictures, he crushes hard.

It was supposed to be one date, but Leo wants more. There is only one safeword, but multiple levels of pleasure are available to them. If Hayden can't play by the rules of his dark game, will he get another chance at love?

Safe Word is a full-length first time gay romance novel with a dash of mpreg. It is a 50,000 word omegaverse book. This novel contains hot and sexy leather action & some BDSM scenes, passionate angst & desire, and a HEA - beautiful baby to keep you smiling for days. This mpreg romance is meant for 18+ readers. 

My Rating - 4 Stars

Safe Word, by Alice Shaw, is another fun mpreg story, this time including some hot BDSM.

Leo and Hayden are both men who are suffering and holding themselves back from truly living. Leo, a Dom who's being stalked by his crazy ex, can't seem to move on from his past relationship problems now that his heart can't trust anyone. Hayden, who's mother is driving him crazy, is in need to being controlled. He spends all his time having to be in charge, and is searching for exactly what he finds with Leo; a way to let go.

My favorite part is when Leo has to come to terms with what happened between him and his ex. This part is just so real and touching. Once the ex gets involved, things get very interesting.

This story contains some great BDSM scenes, and even more impressive, the reasons for why BDSM works so well for these guys. One of the most important thing for these men is learning to trust. Both men will gain so much if they can truly trust one another. 

Watching these two men find their way together, learning to trust and love, is an emotional, fun, and sweet journey. I would recommend Safe Word to any fan of BDSM romances.

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