Monday, July 9, 2018

Taking Love's Lead by HL Day

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Zachary Cole's new personal shopper is stunning in more ways than one. Gone is the staid, professional Jonathan. In his place is sexy, whirlwind Edgar, whose methods and lifestyle are less than orthodox. Still reeling from the experience, Zack can't get him out of his head. He needs to see him again. Even if it does involve dragging his heavily pregnant sister and her dalmatian into his cunning plan.

Sick of being dumped yet again, dog-walker Edgar's pledged to stay single and put energy into finding a career more suited to an adult instead. Zack might be extremely tempting...and just happen to pop up wherever he goes, but that doesn't mean he's going to change his mind. He's got bigger priorities in life than a website designer after a brief walk on the wild side. His heart's taken enough of a bruising. He's not prepared to get dumped again.

Zack wants love. Edgar only wants friendship. Can the two men find common ground amid the chaos of Edgar's life? Or is Zack going to find that no matter what he does, there's no happy ending and he'll have to walk away?

Warning:This story contains dogs. Lots of dogs. Big ones. Small ones. Naughty ones. Ones that like ducks, squirrels and lakes and ones that like to be carried. No dogs were harmed in the writing of this book.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Taking Love's Lead, is a wonderful romance by HL Day.

To say that Edgar is unique would be short-changing him. I absolutely love watching Edgar navigate life is his quirky, fast paced, energetic, and talkative manner. Every minute of reading about Edgar is fun; tiring, but fun. He really is like a hurricane when he enters a room. Or, as Zach indicates at one point, you can't ignore him if you try.

When Edgar is assigned as Zach's new personal shopper, Zach is completely overrun, having no clue what just happened, and needs to see this man again. So he devices a plan to do so.

Their relationship starts as one laugh after another, with Zach always left wondering what the hell just happened.

Read with Caution - Their banter is superb and will keep you laughing out loud,
 causing those around you to keep wondering what is wrong with you.

Edgar holds Zach at a distance, wanting to just remain friends. Zach refuses to give up on this special and unique man though. It might take a long time, but he's hoping to have Edgar in his life for good.

HL Day manages to combine the perfect amount of depth with an abundance of humor. Edgar may be a whirlwind of laughs, but he is deep and his story is meaningful. Both men experience a lot of personal growth, with the help of the other. The result is a great romance with some steamy scenes!

And for the topping on this yummy read, there are dogs, lot and lots of dogs. So many damn funny moments with the dogs. They really play a large role in this story and are wonderful characters!

I highly recommend Taking Love's Lead, as HL Day has managed to create a fantastic light read.

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