Thursday, July 19, 2018

Found In Beaumont by Susi Hawke


Two broken omegas and one hard-edged alpha… three men who are stronger than they think… especially when they trust each other enough to be vulnerable.A pair of omegas who are everything to each other...

Not only are they best friends, they’re also lovers. In all the years that they’ve been on the streets fighting to survive, they’ve had one end goal: to one day find an alpha strong enough to love both of them equally.

An alpha without a purpose...

Since his return to civilian life, Beaumont has yet to reconnect with society. Instead, he spends his nights running from nightmares and memories of war. While out on one of his nightly wanderings, the alpha catches sight of two of the prettiest angels he’s ever seen. Intrigued, he follows them home… only to find them taking refuge on a filthy, discarded mattress in an abandoned warehouse.

Three broken men who can heal each other’s wounds...

Beau goes from stalker to protector in the blink of an eye when his angels need him to intervene in a bad situation. Before he realizes it's happening, life as he knows it changes to become something new and precious.

Lukas is the protector. He’s tough, snarky, and would happily give his own life if necessary to protect his Gid. Time and time again, he’s proven his strength by rescuing Gideon from would-be attackers. Now he needs to find the courage to let go and trust Beau to protect them all.

Sweet, angelic Gideon is used to being protected and adored. None of the horrible things in his life seem to affect him, because at the end of the day, he’s always had Lukas... and that’s all that matters. When the chips are down, can Gid discover his inner strength and step up to be an equal partner in this fragile new triad?

This mmm book contains mpreg, and intended for 18+ readers. Possible triggers for attempted sexual assault, violence, and breath play kink. Parts of this book are a little darker than you’re used to from Susi Hawke, but an HEA and all the laughs and shmoopy feels that you’d expect are definitely included!

My Rating - 5 Stars

Found in Beaumont, by Susi Hawke, is perfectly charming and compelling.

Beaumont is back home, after being in service, but he's unable to re-intregrate into society after the pain he endured overseas. When Beaumont spots Lukas and Gideon, he is charmed and sets out to protect them.

Lukas and Gideon, are Omega boyfriends who are currently homeless and trying to get jobs and a place to live. They dream of finding an Alpha to love them both and with whom they can start a family.

Lukas and Gideon compliment each other perfectly. Lukas is strong, protective and optimistic, while Gideon is sweet, angelic, and in need of Gideon to help keep him grounded. Then they meet Beaumont, who is a tough, hard as nails former soldier, who is willing to stalk the omega couple trying to keep them safe. 

Their path to a HEA is paved with some obstacles and scares, but in the end it is beautiful, sweet and delightful.

Found In Beaumont is a special book. The way the three men come together to compliment one another and love with another is wonderful and unique. I am highly impressed by the depth of this story by Susi Hawke.

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