Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Coming Together (Baxter Springs 3) by Avery Ford


“I don’t need any more distraction.”

Preston Taylor is in trouble. In the ten years he's been a star on Broadway, he's dealt with his share of crazy. When a deranged fan starts sending death threats, Preston is forced to hire security.
What he doesn't expect is that in order to protect himself, Preston has to pretend he's dating his hot new bodyguard. But when make believe starts to blur with reality, the hardest part will be to remember that none of it is supposed to last.

 “We’re going to pretend we’re dating. You just have to trust me.”

Jake Carpenter has spent his entire life taking care of people. Whether in the military or as a hired bodyguard, he keeps people safe. It's his purpose in life, and he takes it seriously.
From the first time he lays eyes on Preston, he is drawn to the man's beauty and surprised by his feelings. Jake has never felt this way for another man before. After all, he's straight and always has been... right?

“Sometimes opposites really do attract.”

Jake isn’t looking for a friend. Preston doesn’t have time for a lover. Forced to make the best of a bad situation, the last thing they expect is to bring out the best in each other. When it comes time to make a hard decision, will they play it safe or take a chance on love?

This is Book 3 from the Baxter Springs series. While it is a standalone novel, you may enjoy reading Coming Home and Coming Out to meet the rest of the crew! 

My Rating  - 5 Stars!

Coming Together is another winner in the Baxter Springs series by Avery Ford!

It is a perfect actor/bodyguard romance, featuring Preston, a Broadway star and Jake, who is hired to be his bodyguard.

When the threats to Preston get bad, Jake steps in to protect him, whisking him to a secret location. Despite his reservations, Preston goes to Kansas to stay with Jake at his brother's ranch. Thus, we get the added bonus of hanging with the Baxter Springs gang again!

While at the ranch, they pretend to be boyfriends, in order to try to keep Preston safe. As Jake is straight, he is surprised to find himself attracted to the actor.

What follows is a memorable romance, amidst death threats, suspense, and more.  You'll laugh, you be scared, and you will fall in love with Preston and Jake! They may make some stupid decisions, but they are wonderful together.

Set aside some time to read Coming Out if you're a fan of Avery Ford, or romance in general. 

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