Monday, January 20, 2020

Waiting for You (Whirlwind Bar Book 1) by Reese Morrison

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Taylor would give anything to have his best friend, Julio, look at him the way he looks at his revolving door of hook-ups. But Taylor knows that he's too big, too fat, and too plain to ever appeal. It doesn't help that his secret desires for lace, makeup, and submission don't match his outsides at all. But he can't keep pining for Julio forever, so he makes one last effort to move on.

When Julio finds Taylor's Grindr profile, he's can't believe how lucky he is. Not only do their kinks align perfect, but he might have a chance to finally show Taylor what he means to him. He quickly creates his own Grindr profile to get Taylor's attention. What could possibly go wrong?

This is the first book in the Whirlwind series. Each book encompasses a single whirlwind moment, usually around a single day, in which two (or sometimes three!) characters connect in a special way. The series features many transgender, genderqueer, and gender-bending characters who are looking for love (and some kink). This book contains some light bondage, spanking, and a HEA.

My Rating -  4.5 Stars!

Reese Morrison's Waiting for You, the first book in the Whirlwind Bar series, is fun and riveting. 

This series is unique, revolving around the Whirlwind bar, yet it's barely in the story. The book starts with the bartender at Whirlwind's point of view, introducing the couple we're going to be reading about. This confused me at first, yet it's actually quite fun in the end.

Taylor and Julio are best friends and business partners who secretly love one another. In a nice twist, Taylor is a large man who desires the smaller Julio to dominate him. Theirs is a story of secrets being unveiled, and desires being satisfied. 

Both men are lovable. Taylor's overweight, looks like a bear, but doesn't have the mindset of a bear. He prefers femme clothing, including lace, as he enjoys being pretty. I love these two friends who have secret desires that perfectly compliment one another. Their story is full of heat, including BDSM, spanking, and bondage.

My first time reading a Reese Morrison tale, I was pleasantly surprised by Waiting For You and looking forward to more of the series.

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