Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Silver and Sage (Silver in the City #1) by A.D. Ellis


Silver doesn’t have time for feelings or a relationship. Then Sage shows up.
Sage is Silver’s exact opposite, his renter, and his new employee. The kid is much too young and much too innocent.
There are a million reasons why Silver and Sage should never get together. And Silver plans to keep it that way.
Until all of those reasons go up in flames with one kiss.
Silver & Sage is a steamy, slow burn M/M age gap, opposites-attract romance between a shy, inexperienced nerd and an outgoing grump of a bar owner.
*This is the first book in the Silver in the City series.*

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Omg. I love Silver and Sage. The first book in AD Ellis' Silver in the City series, it's fantastic!

I love Bode and Sage. Separately and together. They are mesmerizing from the start. Complete opposites, full of awkwardness, with the tension and small moments warming my heart. One man is socially awkward, the other is a people person. 

Enter the Silver Boys. Two twins and their cousin. They are spectacular together, compelling and likeable. I enjoy their closeness as well as the way they banter. 

Sage is an adorably sweet, endearing character. He's never has had a group who he belonged with, or anyone who really cared about him. His relationship with the Silver boys is enchanting. I love it all!

Bode is attracted to Sage immediately, but he's hung up on their 10 year age gap. Watching him suffer is certainly enjoyable. Of course, as great as the family element is for Bode, his relationship with his father sucks, adding a lot to the story.

Seriously, the writing is fabulous. A great story, intriguing characters, and some hot sex. The author excels at developing seamless dialogue, as well as creating characters who fully come alive. You can't go wrong with this one. And it ends with the perfect lead in to book two, Silver and Gold. 

I am downright giddy about Silver and Sage and the whole Silver in the City series. If the others are even close to as good as this one, they will be amazing. 

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