Thursday, January 23, 2020

Silver and Gold (Silver in the City #2) by A.D. Ellis


Just as Silver begins to wonder if his casual relationship with Gold might turn into more, the two men are thrown into a position that has the lovers quickly turning into enemies.

With no way to escape each other, Silver and Gold begrudgingly agree to make the best of an impossible situation.

Will Gold’s search for perfection drive them apart or can Silver show Gold that imperfection can be beautiful?

Silver & Gold is a steamy, slow burn M/M enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity romance between two slightly self-absorbed artists.

This is the second book in the Silver in the City series.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

AD Ellis' Silver and Gold is a perfect continuation of her Silver in the City series. It can be read as a standalone, but it's much more fun to have read Silver and Sage first. 

The way the story of Benji and Rhys starts, with a mistake that leads to a change to their business plans, is entertaining. It's a great idea that comes together is a fantastic manner.

Their story is one of two men who have to learn to take a chance on each other. Their hearts are already invested, they just need to convince their mind it's worth the risk. 

They are certainly hot together, with some intense chemistry. I adore the way things come together for them once they drop the stubbornness. 

Rhys definitely tries to avoid family drama, and of course Benji has it in spades.
Imperfection scares Rhys, causing him a lot of doubts. 

I love this quote. So true. "No relationship is perfect." " family is perfect. Ever. ... Even if they appear perfect, they aren't."

Silver and Gold is another wonderful feel-good story by AD Ellis. I love every second of it and couldn't put it down. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the third book, Silver and Spice, as I have fallen in love with the Silver Brothers.

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