Monday, January 20, 2020

Love and Poison by Jamie Lynn Miller


A microscopic killer. A deadly diagnosis. The man you love has only 24 hours to live. What would you do?

There’s no denying the attraction between Detective Caleb Donaghue and his new partner Detective Bryce Anderson. At first, they battle their growing desires, but then tragedy brings the two men closer than ever before. United in their shared grief, they seek solace in one another. Walls come down, lines are crossed, and they finally give in to their hearts’ desires.

But only six weeks in, their happiness is shattered when Caleb is poisoned—and given only 24 hours to live.

In a life-or-death race to save their new-found love, they must find the unknown assailant and the antidote before Caleb’s time runs out.

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My Rating - 3.5 Stars!

Jamie Lynn Miller's Love and Poison is a story of two lovers who are further developing their relationship and then are threatened with losing one another.

Bryce and Caleb are two partners who are openly gay at work but remain secretly involved. These partners at work and at home know that co-workers being involved would be frowned upon.

Their story has plenty of heat, plenty of emotion, and a whole lot of danger. Despite being a short tale of just 80 pages, there is decent character development, drawing the reader into Bryce and Caleb's relationship, leaving them rooting for couple in the end. They are hot, passionate, and understanding and certainly deserve to be together.

Most of the story is light-hearted and feel-good despite the heavyness of the countdown to losing one another. Told in 3rd person pov, it's an easy read. 

Love and Poison is a story full of poison, danger, and investigations that round out this romance. Bryce and Caleb are sweet and I definitely enjoyed their story. 

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