Friday, January 10, 2020

Finding Ripley by Jacki James

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A cowboy Daddy and a big city boy.

Ripley Ellis never intended to return to Bluebird Ranch. The day his father kicked him out for being gay was the day he shook the dust off his cowboy boots and moved to the city. But thanks to his homophobic father, the only way he can claim his inheritance is to return. He has to stay for one year, but that doesn’t mean he has to like it.

The life of a rancher isn’t an easy one. Reed Warner knows that. He also knows that there is no other life for him. It’s all he’s ever wanted. Now that he’s retired from the rodeo, he’s ready to make his dreams come true. There’s only one problem—Ripley. The sassy city boy just inherited the ranch Reed is planning to buy. 

If they can put aside their differences and work together, they may both find exactly what they’re looking for.

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Finding Ripley is another great read by Jacki James. The author's writing draws me into the characters and their minds immediately. 

The flamboyant Ripley returns home with a chip on his shoulder. He's snarky and bitchy, immediately clashing with the rancher Reed. Their storyline is complicated as the two men have to figure out a way to work things out on the ranch. 

It's a story of dealing with the past. It's a story full of grief, pain, and hurt. I love the writing which is full of seamless dialogue, including some fantastic snark and banter. There's also a lot of emotions involved, as Ripley's past is heartbreaking. 

Told in alternating first person pov, both characters easily come to life. Ripley's the man who hides behind his sass, which makes him someone I want to help. And Reed is the man who instantly wants to tame the bitchy Ripley. What follows is a wonderful tale of them getting to know each other as they drop their attitudes.

One thing that I found good, but weird, is how easily Reed takes to calling Ripley "baby boy." They both accept it as appropriate, but as the reader I found it a little quick and awkward.

My favorite scene has to be the goats in pajamas. Omg, you just have to read this. I couldn't stop laughing.

My favorite aspect is actually the meaning of the title, as Ripley needs to discover for himself who he is. When one is raised in a homophobic home, they can never truly find themselves without some major reflection. This story is in fact Ripley finding his true self, instead of just acting the way he felt he had to act. It's a long and worthwhile journey for the young man.

Finding Ripley is an excellent enemies to lovers romance. It's perfect when you're in the mood for a feel-good story. This Jacki James tale of finding a purpose and finding a home won't disappoint. I don't see any indication that this is the start of a series, but I want more, I need more. Of the town, of the guys, and of their friends. So, here's hoping we'll get more.

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