Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Romantically Incorrect by Wendy Rathbone


“If you were mine, I’d treat you like gold.”

How to avoid being romantically incorrect:

When your eyes meet his across a crowded room and your heart jolts to a stop, don’t mistake lust for love.

Never follow him to a public restroom to tell him how you feel.

Don’t stalk him online or to a trendy gay bar in L.A.

And do not give him advice on breaking up with his billionaire fiancée who treats him like crap.

Finally, do not offer your house as a haven when the press hounds him, or your arms for comfort when the pressure all around him breaks him into a hundred little pieces.

And, whatever you are hoping for, DO NOT let him model nude for a new art series you are painting.

Artist and model. They hardly know each other. They’ve never dated. But neither can stop craving the other.

Rescue. Hurt/comfort. Nude modeling. Insta-love. L.A. scene. Dealing with fame. Angry billionaire ex. No cheating. HEA.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Romantically Incorrect is an emotional and riveting story by Wendy Rathbone.

Landyn, a former child actor, is a people pleaser and a pushover, but inside he's alone and miserable. A random meeting with Chance leads him to find someone who's finally looking out for his best. Chance is forward and doesn't hide his feelings about Landyn, leading to some great moments.

The two have a strong, intense connection. I love their story and the way their relationship progresses.

As for Landyn's ex, oh boy, he's a peach of a man. He's a jerk, pompous ass, and total troublemaker. He certainly adds to the storyline, increasing the suspense factor.

This is a story of finding someone who see the real you, who accepts and supports the real you. Their story has a little bit of heat and a whole lot of semi-serious moments. It's all well done and my attention never strayed.

Romantically Incorrect is a tough read at times with some serious stalking. I definitely like the writing style and will be adding this Wendy Rathbone book to my re-read list.

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