Sunday, January 12, 2020

Pranked (Echo Bay Book 1) by J.J. Riley, Suki Gale


Jasper was finally home after several failed business ventures, realizing he was far too laid back for the corporate lifestyle. Living in Echo Bay again was not how he saw his life going and opening a bar was never in the plan. Despite that, he does his best to learn to appreciate what he has and works hard to make a life for himself. When the adorable geek next door inadvertently starts a prank war, he doesn’t hesitate to show him how to lighten up.

Ezra wanted to own his own bakery more than anything. Taking over his favorite childhood bakery only made the dream that much sweeter. What he hadn’t bargained for was the sexy and frustrating bar owner next door. When he develops feelings for his cocky neighbor, he realizes he may be in over his head.

When one of their pranks goes hilariously wrong, they realize they just might mean more to each other than they anticipated. But can a quiet geek and an outgoing playboy make things work?

This is a mm romance that contains sexual themes and is intended for readers 18+

My Rating - 4.5 Stars!

Pranked is the first book in the Echo Bay series by JJ Riley and Suki Gale. 

It's the story of two men who get to know each other through pulling pranks. I hate pranks, as in think they are evil. But, these ones are great in that they don't harm one another. 

Jasper and Ezra come together in a tender love story. These two men butt heads at the beginning, but in the end, they are so wonderful together.

This is the story of a man affected by his past, never able to get beyond it. There are painful memories as he struggles to put the past behind him. 

The authors excel in their illustration that everyone has something they're ashamed of; everyone has their demons. They clearly explore that what one does in the past is just that and that the past does not define us. 

Don't be fooled though. Despite it's heavy and serious lesson, this story is full of humor, light-hearted and feel good moments. 

Pranked is a story showing that learning to listen, understand, and forgive makes everything better. And most of all, this JJ Riley and Suki Gale tale is one of family. The story is meaningful and poignant, as well as delightful. I am impressed and can't wait for more from this small town. 


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