Friday, January 3, 2020

Off Camera by Wendy Qualls


Devon Yoshiro may be a famous actor, but he's also a big brother. When his niece turns six and his sister is laid up after surgery, he sticks around town after promoting his new movie at a major scifi convention to help out. He may know nothing about kids, parties, or planning, but how hard can it be?

Max Harrington develops a major crush on the actor he met while volunteering at Con--which is why he's in shock that Devon has chosen HIS little science museum to host a birthday party. And has chosen him for a little stress relief. No point in wanting more...

My Rating - 5 Stars!

I love Off Camera from the start. I am always a sucker for romances with famous people, and this Wendy Qualls book definitely had me reading late into the night. 

I'm a big fan of conventions, so I was elated that they meet at a convention. I mean really, an actor falling for a convention volunteer? Oh hell yes! 

Max and Devon are so freaking hot together. I love their cute flirting and the natural way they gravitate to one another. The reason for Devon staying in town and seeing Max again are enjoyable and relatable.

Their story is one of being closeted in Hollywood. There's some light angst, of course, and there's a whole lot of fun as an actor and a nerd fall in love. 

The writing is wonderful, with some delightful characters and a sweet romance between the unlikely couple. They are certainly hot together and the author excels at putting the reader into the character's minds. Devon's angst is easy to understand and superbly illustrated.

I absolutely love this story. Off Camera is a great read which I highly recommend when you're in the mood for an opposites attract romance.

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