Sunday, January 19, 2020

Stay Lucky by Leta Blake

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A second chance to build the family of their dreams…

Grant long ago gave up on a relationship with Leo Garner. After all Leo left him for a movie star, and who can compete with that? But now, Leo’s back with his adorable, genius daughter in tow, leaving Grant consumed by three important questions:

1) Did Leo come home looking for a fresh start without the movie star?
2) Does he want a do-over with Grant too?
3) Why else would Leo be hanging around Grant’s hospital so much anyway?

The attraction between Grant and Leo is undeniable, and soon their affection reignites as well. But will their luck hold out through health scares and family drama so they can find their happy ending at last?


This book is a single dad, opposites attract, second chance, hurt/comfort, medical romance by Smoky Mountain Dreams author Leta Blake, featuring over 60,000 words of an emotional, moving m/m romance with a happy ending you’ll love!

*Originally published in 2018 under the same title using the pen-name, Halsey Harlow.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Leta Blake's Stay Lucky is a good multi-layered story.

A second chance romance between Leo and Grant, this one has plenty to keep a reader invested. Leo's back in town but he's sick and in need of a kidney transplant. Needless to say, this complicates any chance at rekindling his old romance with Grant. The attraction is still strong and I enjoy the way their lives naturally become entwined again.

More than just a romance, this romantic tale includes a look into drug addiction (of family members), organ transplant issues, and more. It includes an adorable daughter, an absentee ex, and a second chance between Leo and Grant. 

It's a
feel-good romance, with some humor sprinkled in at times. Seriously, the moments with the teacher are hysterical, and completely on point.

The writer alternates between the present and the past in this story of
health issues, family issues, and relationship issues. The writing is good, but I hate the repetitive "he said" at times. The plot is complex with well developed characters who fully come alive. 

Stay Lucky is a sweet and tender second chance romance. This Leta Blake opposites attract story includes drama and romance mixed in with some fantastic humor. I definitely enjoyed it.

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