Thursday, January 16, 2020

Pretty Perfect (Boys in Makeup #1) by Riley Hart & Christina Lee

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After spending the first part of my life trapped in a small town where it wasn’t okay to be a makeup-wearing boy who liked boys, I swore I’d leave and never be anything but loud, proud, and unapologetically me. I’ve kept that promise. I’m following my dreams, have an apartment with my bestie, and get to dance my nights away at one of the hottest gay bars in Portland.

The only downfall is Dane, the sexy bartender with a perma-scowl always aimed my way. The tension between us is so strong that even the clubgoers notice, and they eat that stuff up. Our boss makes us dance on the bar together every Friday night. I might shake my booty a little more with Dane just because I love getting under his skin. It’s not my fault he doesn’t know how to have any fun…but I kind of want to teach him.

I got burned bad by my last boyfriend. Thankfully, my sister, Bree, and my niece, Hailey, make my days a whole lot brighter. I’m getting back on my feet, including a decent job as a bartender. But working in a gay club makes it harder to keep to myself. No way do I want to get reeled in by another charming, pretty face and get hurt again, and definitely not by someone like Jesse, whose audacity frustrates me to no end.

So why do I want to shove him against the wall and screw that boldness right out of him?

Only…sometimes he’s pretty sweet, especially with Hailey. As we go from enemies to angry hookups to friends, our feelings are changing and moving into uncharted territory. This can’t go anywhere. Jesse and I are like oil and water; we just don’t mix…right?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow, Pretty Perfect, the first book in the Boys in Makeup series is a marvelous enemies to lovers romance. There is just so damn much to love about this Riley Hart and Christina Lee story.

Dane and Jesse are two workers who have to dance together every Friday night. Why? Because they exude heat. They mix like water and oil, and both the crowd and they themselves are totally turned on by it.

Damn, I love these men. Both are so much more than they appear on the surface. They are two men with their walls up, trying to protect themselves. 

Jesse is amazingly lovable. Determined to finally live the way he wants, he's unapologetic about his desire to dress the way he wants, act the way he wants, and wear any makeup he wants. He's femme and fabulous. But my favorite part of him is his heart. His connection to Dane's niece is heart-warming.

As for Dane, I enjoy the complexity of his character. He's brash and abrasive, but not to be mean. He's drowning in his responsibilities and does what he needs to do.

Their story is beautiful, both sweet and tender. It's full of heat and competition, leading to some explosive moments. 

It's no surprise that the writing is superb, as this writing duo excels at crafting complex characters and stories. The lovable characters are well developed and fully come alive, bringing the reader firmly into their actions and feelings. 

Pretty Perfect is a beautiful story of finding acceptance and love; of just wanting to be loved for who you are. I can't praise this Riley Hart and Christina Lee book enough. I also love the secondary characters and look forward to getting a story about Seth in the future. 

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