Monday, January 27, 2020

Halfway to Someday by Layla Dorine


Rocker Jesse Winters just wants to be left alone. If he could melt into oblivion, he would and bid farewell to the wild child of rock n’ roll so many had dubbed him in recent months. Truth is there was never anything reckless, wild, or even deliberate about most of the things that had happened on Wild Child’s last tour, but had anyone cared to listen? No! Which was precisely why he was sitting in a cabin high up in the Colorado mountains, hoping the incoming blizzard would bury him forever.

Ryker Jorgensen left the VA hospital with a bunch of prescriptions and pamphlets on how to deal with reentering the civilian world, not that he’s in any hurry to do so. His nightmares still keep him up at night, and every new limitation he discovers gives him more reason to believe that he’s hopelessly useless now. Better to drive up to his cousin’s cabin and lick his wounds. Come spring, maybe, he’d look into being around people, if only for long enough to make the kind of money he’d need to buy his own secluded place.

The last thing Ryker ever expected to see was the man whose face had been plastered in his footlocker and his dreams for the better part of the past six years, but Jesse Winters is nothing like he imagined. When trying to leave Ryker out in the storm doesn’t work, Jesse resorts to ignoring him. But two wounded souls trapped in a snowed in cabin have little choice but to reach out for one another when emotions get frayed. His only hope is that Jesse will trust him enough to let him drag him back from the edge before he’s just another burned out star in the legacy that is rock n’ roll.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Wow, Layla Dorine's Halfway to Someday is a riveting and heavy book.

Jesse and Ryker are two men who are both broken; two men who find themselves escaping and hiding out in a cabin they have to share. They're well developed, blowing me away with their complexity. 

Jesse, with his history of self harm, is struggling with something secret.
His issues are emotional to the point of tears, as he's full of fear and pain, lacking in self esteem. This quote sums him up well. "I just wanted someone to love me!"

Ryker, meanwhile, is drowning in pain and suffering. He's blocked by his past, unable to move forward. His PTSD is written in a powerful manner, complete with the pain of nightmares and flashbacks. 

I seriously love these two and their amazing character growth, as these two men help to free one another from their pain and fear. They are full of longing and misery, both of which clearly jump off the pages.

The author entwines the aftermath of abuse with the aftermath of losing one's friends in a military tragedy. It's impressive and effective as she excels with important issues such as PTSD and self harm. 

This is a story that mixes forced proximity, a stalker, and danger. It's a combination of serious mental issues, danger, and attraction. It's multi-layered and complex, deep and accomplished. And if you enjoy stories about trust issues, this one has it in spades. 

Halfway to Someday is so much more than I could have ever anticipated. Layla Dorine impresses in this tale of moving on from one's demons and embracing a better future. It's raw, real, and emotional, leaving me unable to put down this emotionally driven story. 

Take note, if self harm, PTSD, or panic attacks are a trigger to you, avoid this one. 

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