Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Unfortunate Son (Sons #1) by Shae Connor


Five years ago, Evan Day lost his lover in the Afghan sand, and in the fallout, he lost his military career and his family. With help from friends, he reinvented himself as porn star Trevor Hardball, but his scars are hidden, not healed. When Riley Yeats falls into Evan’s lap in a bar, he awakens a part of Evan he’d thought was dead and gone. Evan’s fascinated by the blond and twinky Riley, even though he’s the opposite of Evan’s usual type.

Then Evan’s family reappears his life, and Evan soon learns Riley has his own family-inflicted wounds—ones that make it hard for him to be there for Evan. A disastrous confrontation between Evan and his parents leaves Evan’s mother injured and Evan overcome by anger and fear. Losing his tenuous hold on his emotional control, Evan makes one bad decision after another, but maybe his final fall will be the wake-up call Evan needs to set things right—with his parents, and with Riley.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Shae Connor's Unfortunate Son is a fantastic book. It's a good story that will catch your attention and not let go.

Riley's a wonderful character. From a rich family, this twinky flamboyant man captured my attention immediately. He's full of life and just a great kind of guy. 

Trevor/Evan meanwhile is a complex character who's doing porn, struggling to survive after being kicked out of his home. He's had a tough stretch of years, losing his lover in the service, but meeting Riley changes the course of his life. He's taken by the man who doesn't recognize him or know who he is. 

Immediately hooked by this story, I found the pace to be great, the flow to be perfect, and the story to be emotional. The writing's riveting, the characters development is superb, and the connection is strong.

Their relationship involves anger, confusion, and family issues in addition to grief, guilt, and sex. It's a tale about making amends and forgiveness. It beautifully delves into the aspect of family, both it's ability to break you and it's ability to heal you.

I enjoy the exploration into the struggle of people thinking they know you when you're famous. This is definitely one of the toughest parts of fame, and the author perfectly displays this. It's also a great look into the porn industry, which is always an interesting read.

Unfortunate Son is a gripping tale of hope and healing. This second chance at love is left me sad to see it end. 

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