Sunday, May 26, 2019

Trial Run (The DADcademy #3) by Alison Hendricks


"You hurt me more than anyone ever has. But for some reason I still love you."

Jeremy Hess made a promise to his sister, vowing to take care of her infant daughter if anything happened to her. When the worst comes to pass, he steps up as Cooper's godfather despite how unsure he feels as a single dad. But Jeremy isn't the only one who has claims on her, and when another family member challenges him for guardianship, he's forced to seek legal counsel from the person who hurt him most--his former best friend and the first man he ever loved.

Logan Ellis has always had a plan to work his way up to partner at a prestigious law firm, then use that clout to be a legal all-star for the local LGBT community. Working a pro-bono case for his childhood friend may not be part of that plan, but he'd do anything for Jeremy. He owes him that much after ruining their friendship so many years ago.

When old feelings resurface, all attempts to keep things professional between them fall by the wayside. Jeremy thought he was over the betrayal, but as he and Logan become closer than he ever dared to dream, it'll take more than an apology to rebuild the burnt bridges between them. It'll take trust, love, and forgiveness on both sides to turn this trial run into something permanent.

The DADcademy is now in session! Follow a group of well-meaning, lovable, but ultimately clueless single dads as they band together to support one another in raising their kids and finding their Happily Ever After. Every book in The DADcademy series can be read as a standalone, but reading them in order is strongly recommended.

My Rating - Stars!

Trial Run, the third book in Alison Hendricks' DADcademy series, is a great addition to this world of single dads.    

Jeremy's suddenly raising his niece Cooper after his sister died. But when a custody fight ensues, he contacts his former best friend, Logan, to be his lawyer.

There's many sweet aspects to this story. I adore Cooper. She's well written, as a moody infant, but the love Jeremy has for her is beautiful. I just wished Jeremy had more confidence in myself.  

Second chances is always fun, and Jeremy and Logan get a chance to reconcile after an incident years ago. Betrayal is never easy to get over, but once they do, there's attraction, friendship, and a natural connection between the two. And when they hook up, it's hot, wonderful, and passionate.

Logan's job as a lawyer is explored in a great way, questioning money and prestige versus helping people who truly need help. I really enjoyed this part and the growth in Logan as a person.

Trial Run's a sweet romance, full of rekindling old friendships and second chances. The whole DADcademy series is enjoyable, and it's always fun to see past characters return.

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