Thursday, May 23, 2019

One Wild Weekend by SJ York


Some say I’m living a lie, but I’m finally living my truth.

When I came out, I wasn’t prepared for the blow back from people who are supposed to be supporters in the genre. I hadn’t expected a parade, but I also hadn’t expected a mob to attack. Everything is conspiring against me, trying to get me to skip the conference. When my books and banner get tossed by the guy I’m living with, I’m sure it’s a sign.

I pluck up some courage and show up at the conference anyway. I’m amazed by the kindness I find, but that doesn’t save me from the drama llamas. Disaster happens, but will the problem turn out to be the best thing in my life?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

There is just something soothing with SJ York's writing. One Wild Weekend is his fun and delightful tale of his banner that once went missing. Of course, I'm guessing this is just fantasy. 😜

Parts of this story really had me laughing, as I have some personal interest in Ted. Let's just say that Ted is HOT! As for those who also know about Ted, read this! I think we all wanted to be with Ted! If you don't know about Ted, I'm honestly not sure how you'll feel about this one. It's a far-fetched tale that might not make any sense. 

There's also a lot of honesty in this story, as readers often do have very strong opinions. The way this is addressed is actually quite well and is very poignant. The author's writing style is fantastic, the flow is seamless, and the story line entertaining. It's definitely an amusing little fantasy romance. 

One Wild Weekend is definitely not SJ York's typical style. Previous works, under the name of Sara York, aren't usually a fantasy. One needs to suspend realistic views, sit back, and just enjoy.

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