Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Hero (The Mathesons #3) by Declan Rhodes


Benji needs a new home, and Jax needs a new hero.

For southern California native Benji Matheson, moving to Boston for graduate school was a great idea on paper. He joined one of the most prestigious academic departments in the world of artificial intelligence and robotics. Unfortunately, that meant abandoning his large family and living in a place half a day away from his nearest relatives. Faced with the pressures of higher education and the isolation of leaving his college friends behind, shy Benji slowly turned into a recluse.

Born and bred in Boston, Jax Carmichael thought the world was his oyster until embezzling charges landed his father in prison with a twenty-year sentence. With his family’s confidence shattered, and his mother battling rounds of depression, Jax faced tough choices caught between his career ambitions and the commitment to his family.

When Benji’s twin brother, Jamie, connects the dots and suggests that Benji move in with his old swim camp buddy, Jax, and his two roommates, it sounds like the perfect solution to a nearly nonexistent social life. Jax’s presence does help solve the problem, but it also leads to a future that’s different and twice as romantic as what either of them ever imagined. Jax desperately needs a new hero in his life, and Benji needs to feel the support of family. Jax senses an attraction to Benji that goes beyond friendship, but he’s never fallen for a man before.

After stray sparks light a fire and slowly kindle it into a burning flame, Benji and Jax find a growing love that neither anticipated. Unfortunately, life circumstances threaten to break their fragile shared dream of a future in each other’s arms.

Hero is a 56,000-word gay romance with first time gay themes, a whole big bunch of family, and steamy scenes. It is the third book in the series The Mathesons and can be read as a standalone story but is best as a follow-up to First and Cowboy. There are no cliffhangers, and the story includes a guaranteed happy ending. 

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Damn! Just when I thought Declan Rhodes couldn't get any better, she gifts us with Hero, the third book in the Mathesons' series.

I absolutely love this book and series. Everything about it. Every character, every storyline. 

A huge
fan of roommate romances, this one is perfect for me. When Benji moves in with Jax, they quickly become friends, with romantic feelings developing soon afterwards. I love them as a couple, as they are certainly different. 

As friends, they are great, but as lovers they're spectacular. As for Benji and Jax, their romance is a delicious Gay for You story, full of great 1st times. And, holy hell, I never knew a hand-job could be so hot! If you like sexy and steamy, do not miss out on these two!

And Jax, wow, his background is tough with a horrible family situation. I enjoy how it's developed and carried out for Jax. 
The storyline with Benji's twin, Jaime, is enjoyable. I especially appreciate the differences between the twins. It's entertaining, and greatly compliments the story.

 Already an accomplished author, Declan Rhodes' writing continues to be strong. The pace is perfect and the angst is well done. Hero's both riveting and compelling. It's one of those delightful stories that will keep up reading late into the night. Emotional and completely satisfying, you won't be disappointed. 

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