Monday, May 13, 2019

To Be Continued (#lovehim #3.5) by S.M. James


Welcome to Webcon. Where the biggest and brightest internet celebrities come face to face with their fans.

Brought up in the 'live for likes' culture, Digi Lynch has amassed an impressive following. His channel is taking off, and Webcon always delivers a boost in numbers, thanks to his rivalry with ex-vlogging partner, Gram Saito.

Gram is popular, confident, and rising to the kind of fame worthy of a second gen internet sensation. And he’s up to his old tricks.

Digi can't turn a corner for fear of being pranked and his reaction blasted online. And after one of Gram's most high scale pranks yet, Digi decides it's time to get even.

The animosity between Digi and Gram heats up as old feelings resurface, and Digi is forced to decide whether a life in the limelight is worth it ...

Before they both go too far.

A YA contemporary novella, To Be Continued is the prequel to Not Gonna Lie and will show you where it all began for Gram and Digi.

My Rating - 3 Stars!

To Be Continued, by SM James, is part of the #lovehim series. It's a story full of complications, misunderstandings, and pranks. Having an extreme hate for pranks, this one was tough for me. I like it, but I hate the pranks.

It's a tale of living the life others want for you, with a controlling mother and a nemesis who won't go away. Can't help but to feel for Digi, as his mother controls him, he struggles with Graham, and he struggles with his weight and self confidence.

A cute little novella, To be Continued leads into the next book, Not Gonna Lie

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