Monday, May 20, 2019

Top Shelf (Seacroft #1) by Allison Temple


Martin is a ghost. Well, not really, but he might as well be. Job gone, home gone, self-respect gone, and no one even seems to notice. The only person who really sees him is Seb, the artist who lives above the used bookstore.

Seb haunts the edges of Seacroft in search of beauty. He knows how to excavate the hidden value in abandoned things--whether it's in the pages of forgotten books or in Martin's stuttering attempts to rebuild his life--and transform them into works of art.

Two lost souls, Seb and Martin discover the strength they need to face eccentric townies and their dysfunctional families together. But as friendship sparks toward something more, neither man wants to risk what they've only just found. It takes two to fall in love, but it will take the whole community to bring their beauty to life.

Top Shelf is an 81k slow burn friends-to-lovers MM romance. It features an anxious professor, a drama queen artist, a bookstore that might be haunted, and a full-blown heart-eyes HEA.

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Top Shelf, the first book in Allison Temple's Seacroft series, is a unique slow burn romance. 

Martin's a mere shell of the man he used to be, hiding at his new bookstore job. When he meets Seb, the mysterious man who lives above the store, his life is suddenly set on a new path. 

Their story is one of putting the past behind you, not worrying about the future, and finding someone who knows what you need. Martin and Seb take a while to win me over, but in the end I enjoy the way they help one another, as well as being a hot and sexy couple. Of course their road to happiness isn't without some fears and doubts, but the ending is well worth the journey.

I love the bookstore and it's unique way of operating. It's seriously an amazing concept and I'd love getting to shop in a store like that. And, of course, as someone who loves to read, I adore reading stories that take place in bookstores, all the mentions of books, and the natural love of books explored.

Top Shelf offers a lot of promise for this series to be a good one. I'm looking forward to the next book by Allison Temple. 

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