Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Boy With Toys (Boy With Toys #1) by Sky McCoy


No one is who they appear to be.
Maxwell Gold appeared to be a successful straight man with a wife and loads of friends, but Max had been living a secret life. Everyone knows about it, his wife, and his boys, the only one who doesn’t realize that he’s not straight, is Maxwell Gold.
The night he walks into a French restaurant and is love-sick over a young man, is the same night he’s confronted with the truth about himself, and his sham marriage to his beautiful wife. Can the love of his life Jami Caulfield who knows who he is, convince Max that love is never having to say you’re sorry when you accept yourself, and who you choose to love?
Can Maxwell Gold handle all the problems that have been tossed at him when he announces to his father that he’s gay and loves a man? 

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Sky McCoy's Boys With Toys is a great start to the Boys With Toys series. 

I love Max and his story. He's got an ex-wife, has never been with a man before, and has spent his life in the closet. After living his life by his father's expectations, meeting Jaime causes him to follow his hearts and desires for the first time. 

And, oh my, did someone say lace?  I love Jaime. I love his effeminate mannerisms, his sass, and his love of lace.

Their story involves some abuse, a stalker, fear, and a whole lot of baggage. The issues with Max's father are stereotypical, but interesting and well done. He's been forced into a certain job, and a certain marriage, leaving him floundering. 

Boys With Toys is a wonderful romance. Sky McCoy ends this one on a cliffhanger, leaving me excited for the rest of this series.

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