Friday, May 10, 2019

The Nature of the Game (Stick Side #2) by Amy Aislin


Six years ago, an ultimatum forced Dan Greyson to make a choice that cost him everything he loved most. One of those things? His boyfriend, hockey player Ashton Yager. Now that they’ve crossed paths again, Dan isn’t about to let the opportunity slip away. Ash’s reappearance in his life is just the catalyst Dan needs to escape the rut he’s fallen into…and win back Ash’s trust and love.

Ashton Yager, once burned and now a little bit shy, didn’t mean to publicly come out as bisexual. But now that he has, he’s got to deal with the consequences, including the fact that it might’ve cost him his NHL contract. With his job on the line, he needs to keep his head down, work hard, and play the best hockey of his life. Rekindling things with Dan? That’s not exactly keeping a low profile. It’s also never going to happen, not after Dan walked away once without an explanation.

When a hurricane forces Ash to seek shelter out-of-state, he and Dan find themselves in the same B&B, where old feelings resurface. But with everything Ash has on the line, does he dare play with fire again?

My Rating - 5 Stars!

The Nature of the Game's a great second chance romance by Amy Aislin. It's a fantastic follow up to On the Ice. I am loving this superb series. 

Dan and Ashton get a second chance at love when they're reunited. I love these two guys together. There's a whole lot of emotion is this story, which drew me in immediately and kept me riveted throughout. 

Theirs is a story of hurt and fear, regrets and waisted time, guilt and 
of second chances. There are secrets and manipulation to be dealt with in this story of lost dreams, as they try to make things right and reclaim their lives.

The author wonderfully uses flashbacks to allow us to see their former relationship, giving us great insight into they connection they had, as well as what went wrong. The author excels in her ability to capture the mindset of a young adult, and the tough decisions they're sometimes forced to make. 

Dan's storyline is heartbreaking. He's such a great young men, who had to give up his dreams. This part is so damn sad and emotional. Now it's time for Dan to take his life back after living the life he was forced to live. My favorite line has to be advice given to Dan. "Get out of your comfort zone and live a little, kiddo." 

I enjoy the hurricane aspect of the story, where they end up riding out the storm together. As well, I love seeing Mitch and Alex, the way they connect with Dan and Ashton, and the way they all interact. It's amazingly delightful.

The Nature of the Game has so much to offer. A fun hockey romance, combined with a second chance romance, and with great writing. Amy Aisling is wonderful in this dual pov romance. I can't wait to see what happens next in this series.

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