Monday, May 4, 2020

Slow Hand (Perfect Hands #4) by Nora Phoenix

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Ford never wanted to be a Daddy. So how did he end up with not one, but two boys who need one…?

Master Ford loves his life. He’s respected in his club, has his choice of boys to play with, and is happy staying single.

When the club owner asks him to take in two abused boys, Ford reluctantly agrees. But when one doesn’t even talk, and the other is a bundle of hostility, Ford wonders if he’s in over his head.

It takes a long time to win their trust, as the abuse they suffered is worse than Ford could’ve imagined. But when he discovers that Thierry is a little and that Jathan needs a firm Daddy, Ford questions if he can be what both his boys need. And where do his own needs fit into this?

Slow Hand is the fourth book in the Perfect Hands series. It can be read as a standalone but may be more fun if you’ve read the previous books. It’s a 108k word slow burn MMM romance with two hurting boys, a man who discovers new sides to himself, and one very happy end. It features daddy care including age play.

My Rating -  5 Stars!

Nora Phoenix's Slow Hand is a great BDSM read. The fourth book in the Perfect Hands series, it is easily read as a standalone. 

This is a book full of emotion, want, and a whole lot of self searching. I'm impressed with the layers in this developing menage romance. 

Ford agrees to care for two broken men, who aren't the subs they think they are. What follows is an emotional journey for each man. Not only do they need to learn to read the others, but also figure out their own needs. 

Omg, Thierry and Jathan's backstory is heart-wrenching. These are two men who I just want to take home and care for myself. I want to be the mother they need. 

Their story includes some fascinating kink, including age play, with different age regressions, diaper play, and Daddy kink. Ford has never been interested in Daddy kink, but it ends up that this is what each boy needs from him. Most impressive is the way Ford deals with the fear in each boy. His work with each of them, individually and together, is impressive. Always a dom, but never a Daddy, he excels in figuring out what each of them needs. 

This is a story of learning to understand oneself, and how oneself relates to others. It's a story with heart to hearts, self inspections, and taking chances. 

It's no surprise that I love the author's writing style, as I've loved this whole series. She excels in combining heart-felt characters and a multi-layered storyline. The BDSM is very light, focusing on the Daddy kink and age play, rather than D/s.

Slow Hand is a beautiful Daddy romance, times two! Do yourself a favor and read this book next time you're looking for an intriguing polyamorous read. You won't be disappointed by the life changing journey of these three men.

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