Monday, May 18, 2020

Gabe (Boys of Brighton #1) by M. Tasia

Fifth-generation firefighter Gabe Mason saves Johnny from the flames of an office building fire, and Johnny will save Gabe from himself.


Gabe Mason is a fifth-generation firefighter unable to move forward with his life after a devastating betrayal two years earlier. Graphic designer Johnny Jeffrey relocated to Brighton, Texas, to flee persecution and fear, and to begin living again on his own terms. The two meet amidst fire and smoke, and soon Johnny is in Gabe’s arms, right where he should be. The connection is palpable, undeniable, and hot, and healing from the past is within reach of both men. And yet, the office-building blaze that brought them together is only the beginning of their struggles. Not family, not faith, not a lunatic’s rage. It took a fire to bring Gabe and Johnny together. Nothing will tear them apart.

My Rating - 3.5 Stars!

Gabe, the first book in the Boys of Brighton series by M Tasia, is a nice fluff read. 

Both men are bigger than life characters who go above and beyond. Gabe saves Johnny from a fire; a fire in which Johnny is a self-sacrificing hero. 

After taking an instant liking to Johnny, Gabe is forceful in his claiming of the man. Honestly, it's extremely unrealistic, but it's sweet. This story includes an injury, a crazy ex, and a fabulous, large family. It's sweet with some humor and danger. And I adore Gabe's family and their immediate desire to take Johnny into their family.

The writing is good, with an easy style. Although there's danger and action involved, there's never a worry for the reader, leading to a nice, fluff read. 

Basically, Gabe is as insta-love as a book can get. Definitely pick it up next time you're in the mood for insta-love, or a large, fun family. 

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