Monday, May 18, 2020

Fool for Love (Lost in New York #1) by Felice Stevens

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Can there be a second chance for a first love?

When Presley Dawson falls in love with a married man, he knows it’s wrong but can’t help himself. For the first time he’s wanted and desired and not so lonely. When his lover returns to his husband, Presley doesn’t worry. He always comes back—until he doesn’t. Years later, Presley is stuck in neutral and lonelier than ever. He can’t forget his past and doesn’t know how to reach for his future. When his best friend suggests a support group to work through his grief, Presley agrees but without much hope; nothing has helped before. At the first meeting, he’s instantly attracted to Nate and struggles not to fall so far, so fast. He won’t be fooled again. Nate Sherman is only attending a support group to get his family off his back. True, he hasn’t slept through the night in over three years, but he has reasons. Discovering your father—the man you love and idolize—is a liar and a cheater will do that. And dying in his girlfriend’s bed? No wonder Nate has trust issues. Meeting Presley changes everything. Nate sees Presley’s sweet nature and good heart and when he sets boundaries for their relationship, Nate surprises himself by willingly going along. With Presley by his side, Nate is able to sleep again and find the trust that he’s lost in himself and other people. He can even fall in love. But Presley is keeping a secret and if he tells Nate, it could be the end of everything between them. He knows it’s wrong to start another relationship based on a lie. But it isn’t a lie if you don’t say anything.Is it?

My Rating - 4 Stars!

Fool for Love, the first book in the Lost in New York series by Felice Stevens, is a tender story of healing and finding love. 

The story starts off strong, with two men meeting at a grief meeting. One lost their lover, the other their father. But both men are angry with the one they lost, as they were betrayed.

What follows is a story full of hurt, pain, and healing. It includes secrets and mistakes. It's a story of two men who each come with a lot of baggage and end up having to strip themselves bare before they can move on. 

These are two men with different outlooks on love. Nate is a one night stand kind of guy, while Presley is looking for love. Together, they set off on a journey that will keep the reader intrigued and riveted. 

Told in alternating first person pov, the reader easily follows both men, fully feeling their desires and confusion along with them. In addition to a entertaining storyline, the author includes many interesting side characters. 

The fact that Presley was a cheater should bother me, but it doesn't, as he's a redeemable character. My feelings for him are full of sympathy, as he's never known true love. 

As for Nate, I understand why he was so negative about love, but I also wanted to kick some sense into him at times. I think his attitude is what held me back from fully embracing this book, thus the 4 star rating. 

Fool for Love is an emotional tale of learning from one's pain. I am excited to see what comes next in this Felice Stevens series.  

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