Thursday, May 7, 2020

Gunnar's Guardian (Protect and Serve #1) by Pandora Pine

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Aside from being a cop, Kennedy is used to living a quiet life. But when a new neighbor moves in next door, his peaceful days are at an end.

Gunnar pushes all Kennedy’s buttons. He’s rude, cocky, and overconfident. He’s also sexy, and Kennedy can’t deny the attraction that simmers between them.

He helps Gunnar find a job at the local firehouse, where the younger man seems to fit in well. As they grow closer, tragedy strikes. Will Kennedy be able to save the man who’s become his whole life?

Gunnar’s Guardian is the first book in the Protect and Serve Series and features a sexy cop, his annoying neighbor, hot firefighters, and an arsonist on the loose.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Pandora Pine's Gunnar's Guardian is the first book in her contemporary Protect and Serve series.

Awww, the author's writing style is always soothing to me. Add in the extra treat of it being a contemporary read, which is my normal taste, and it makes me giddy. 

Gunnar's unsure of his way in the real world, delightfully unsure of how to do anything for himself. Own his own, kicked out for being gay, he is truly on his own. His neighbor is Kennedy, a detective. Kennedy was raised in foster care, but was lucky to be taken in by the McCoys. The banter and snark between the brothers is wonderful. And wow, I love all the McCoy's. 

This story includes sexy firefighters, hot cops, and plenty of danger and mystery. This is a story with a two men who have a bad first meeting, but then proceed to fall in love. 

As usual, the author combines a nice romance with a good, light mystery. Of course, when I say light, it's a serious storyline, but she manages to write it in a low angst manner, which I love. Of course, that doesn't mean she doesn't throw some major emotions our way, cause she always does. 

My favorite thing about this book is the sense of family. As in her Cold Case books, there is a great group of family that adds immensely to the story. I just love them all. They offer plenty of heart and humor to the tale. The way they swoop in and help someone in need makes my heart happy. 

Gunnar's Guardian is fantastic. Pandora Pine combines heart felt emotions and plenty of heart. I love this book. And I know I will love this series. I want to be a McCoy.

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