Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Fable's Foes by Gianni Holmes

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A cold-hearted club enforcer...
An undercover snitch in love...
And a kidnapped boy both men lust after…

“You don't have to fear your virtue. I don’t sleep with what I have to kill.”

As the enforcer of the Grimm Reapers motorcycle club, it’s my job to remove threats to my brothers. Fable should be dead…not bringing out my protective instincts and making me believe in a second chance with Zak.

“Karma’s a bitch that comes dressed in the form of loving two men with whom I have no future.”

Joining the Grimm Reapers under false pretenses is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. Falling in love with the enforcer of that club and the boy he wants to kill ranks just as high on my stupidity scale. But the danger isn’t enough for me to let them go.

“I made him see there were more benefits to keeping me alive than killing me.”

I grew up hearing horror stories about the bikers of Smoky Vale. When they capture me, I must do everything to hide that I’m a little. But the bikers aren’t what I expected, and my little craves them as my Daddy. Can we three misfits find common ground that brings out the best in each other?

If you enjoy poly-relationships, motorcycle club romance, morally ambiguous characters, and mild age play without ABDL then you’ll love Fable’s Foes. While this book can be read as a standalone, it’s highly recommended to read book 0 and book 1 in the series to enjoy this story to its fullest.

Word Count: 110k

Reading Order
Boyfriend Booked: novella
Biker Daddy
Fable’s Foes

Coming Next
Ghost Between

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Dear Lord, from the first page of Fable's Foes, I was hooked. Part of Gianni Holmes' the Grimm Reaper's MC club series, it's angsty as hell, as well as so freaking good!

Omg, I just love everything about this book. It's an amazing blend of kink and danger, all woven with so many layers that I was constantly surprised at the depth of this story. What starts as a story of two MC club members and a young man who's saved, soon turns into one of the most emotional and multi-layered books I've ever read. 

This story includes a complex storyline, full of a developing triad and age play. Add in some undercover work, plenty of danger and action, and an amazing element of intrigue throughout, and wow, just wow!

First let's talk about the men. Booker's a complicated man with a complicated past. Seeing him torn by his feelings for both Fable and his loyalties to others is breath-taking. I love it all. Zac meanwhile, is suddenly more than the readers expect when his secrets are revealed. And then there's Fable. Ohhh, sweet, lovable Fable. His upbringing is gut-wrenching, and his needs are fascinating. 

It's tough to explain how impressive this story is. It's a wonderful mix of Daddy kink, age play, and forced proximity, mixed in with danger, action, and suspense. And then, then we get even more layers of deliciousness with all the emotions involved.

Now, for the kink side of things. I can't get enough of Fable and his younger side. And, oh my, diapers. I can't explain why I love reading age play with diapers, but I really do. Everything about this works for me. Everything.

And then there's the sex. Booker and Zac have long been hot together, but add in the growing attraction they both feel for Fable, and wow! And that's not even talking about the emotions involved. Let's just say this is a delicious developing triad. 

And if I wasn't already impressed, the author throws in some brilliant humor in Booker's aunt who I fell in love with immediately. 

Ohhh, Fable's Foes is so fucking good. This Gianni Holmes treasure is a story that will leave you on the edge of your seat throughout, completely riveted by the levels of betrayal and the severity of tough choices that need to be made. 
I Love, love, love this book! It's an absolute must read the next time you're in the mood for severe angst.

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