Friday, May 29, 2020

Hazardous Things (Star Shadow #3) by Beth Bolden

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Felix Humphries can’t even remember the first time he crushed on Star Shadow’s drummer, Max McCloud.

It’s been an embarrassingly long time, but he’s still never acted on his feelings. One, because Max is his older brother’s best friend. Two, because Max is also his friend. Three, Max is technically his boss. And four, worst of all, Max is straight.

But when Max unexpectedly needs a caretaker for a few weeks, Felix can’t leave his friend in the lurch. He’s all ready to suffer through being so close but not close enough, when the unexpected happens.

Max isn’t straight after all, and what Max wants is Felix—but only in his bed, not in his heart.

Hazardous Things is the third book in the Star Shadow series and should not be read as a standalone.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Hazardous Things, the third book in Beth Bolden's Star Shadow series, is a wonderful friends to lovers book. 

This is the story of Max and Felix. I am excited to finally get their story and it certainly doesn't disappoint. It's a story of secret crushes and a story of an evolving relationship. Their story is one of confusion and doubts. A mix of forced proximity and slow burn, it's a frustrating journey for these two men to admit their feelings. 

I love friends to lovers stories, and this one is certainly wonderful. There are plenty of emotions throughout, as Felix struggles with telling his best friend he loves him and risking his most important relationship.

The author brings out all the emotions in this story of taking chances and laying your heart on the line. The characters are well developed, and their storyline well done. 

If you enjoy friends to lovers, be sure to check out Hazardous Things. Beth Bolden's third book in the Star Shadow series is a fun tale of one's crush and best friend not being so straight after all.


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