Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Healing Hand (Perfect Hands, #5) by Nora Phoenix

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Can a broken boy and an unconventional Daddy help each other heal?

Saxton has never been able to make a Daddy stay. He wants one desperately, but they’ve all walked away. He knows exactly why: because he’s damaged. Broken. Unable to give Daddies what they want from him.

When he meets Daddy Gale, who offers to take care of him after an accident, Saxton expects the same thing to happen. But Gale is different in many ways, and he has his own wounds. He has endless patience with Saxton, and he respects Saxton's boundaries.

But when Saxton can’t open up about the trauma that forever changed him, will Gale decide Saxton isn’t worth the trouble after all? Or will Saxton finally have a Daddy who accepts him the way he is?

Healing Hand is a sweet, low heat Daddy care MM romance with loads of hurt/comfort, age play, tender moments, and emotions that will give you all the feels.

My Rating - 5 Stars!

Healing Hand, the fifth book in the Perfect Hands series, is an amazing age play/Daddy story. This Nora Phoenix book will grab your attention on the first page, pulling you hook, line, and sinker into this emotional story. I love everything about this multi-layered story.

The book starts with Saxton being brought into the hospital, secretly wearing his diaper. My heart hurt for him immediately. Seriously, I can't imagine. But sweet Gale knows perfectly how to treat him discretely. I love it. 

And from there it just gets better. 

This is a story with many complex layers. Saxton is a little with no Daddy. He's also a little who craves control. In other words, the author once again adds a unique element to age play. 

And then there's the abuse. Saxton is a victim of abuse, so definitely avoid if that is a trigger for you. His story of survival will definitely leave you crying and hurting for the young man. 

I find the author does a wonderful job with the aspect of Gale's dyslexia. It is written with knowledge and relevance. Saxon's gift brought tears to my eyes, as I can understand how amazing a gift that is to someone with dyslexia. I love how well this aspect of the story is handled.

Want more layers? This is a story with a demi-sexual character. Personally I wish more stories had main characters like this. It's helps explain demi-sexuality in a manner in which everyone can understand. 

The author excels in her exploration of the power of words. She clearly demonstrates that words can destroy, and words can heal. 

And then there's the fabulous cast of supporting characters. Gale's family is fabulous, both in their support and praise. And of course, the group of friends from previous books, are truly delightful!

Healing Hand is a must read for all fans of age play. As age play is one of my favorite kinks to read about, I am always excited for an author to explore the world of littles. And no one does it better than Nora Phoenix, as she illustrates the emotions behind this kink that make her stories so damn special. Just read it!

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